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My name is Jürgen Wedenhin. I am composing music for movies, trailer, advertising spots and other multimedia projects. Additionally I am composing Songs for companies and events of any kind.

If you are interested in my work or want to know more, please contact me by Mail.


Actual Projects

Soundtrack for the Short Movie "Von Angesicht zu Angesicht"  by Saibofilm ! (Release Januar 2015)


CD-Production with A3 & Friends "Do hoit ma z'samm" (You can order the CD from A3 & Friends by my Email or at a3friends@tschmuck.at )


Soundtrack for the Short Movie "Maskerade"  by Saibofilm !


American version from "Into The Deep" now available at Loch Ness Production! (American Distributor)

You can order the Soundtrack CD from "Into The Deep" by my email or at office@ogrefish.at!

1st Place at the first Fulldomefestival in Judenburg !!!


Live Projects

A3 & Friends (Self-Composed Songs and Austropop)
BeislBandProject (Blues-, Jazz-, Rock-Combo)
Soul2Soul (Songwriting with Andreas Amon)
Charity At The Chapel (Rock, Blues, Gospel)
XLarge (Rockband)

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